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​When you’re not able to stay home with your child, Affordable In-Home Daycare provides a safe, loving and dependable home away from home where your child will always be welcomed and cared for by an experienced and highly trained provider. To further your peace of mind and confidence in my program I have partnered with The Office for Children and the City of Fairfax Fire Department. This means that my permit is not only contingent on passing periodic background checks, home inspections and adhering to Fairfax City’s fire codes; I must remain CPR, First Aid and Medicine Administration certified as well as provide healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. The Office for Children will also ensure that I continue my professional development by requiring that I take at least 16 hours of evening or weekend classes each year.  These classes focus on the care and education of children and are held through the Institute for Early Learning.  

Affordable In-Home Daycare is located between Fairfax High School and Van Dyke Park in the heart of Country Club Hills in Fairfax City and is designed to remain small and inclusive so that each child will obtain  all of the love,  attention and  interaction that
a safe, loving and caring
home away from home

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A Few of the Benefits Enjoyed by 
Affordable In-Home Daycare Clients:

Peace of Mind Knowing Their Child is SAFE
Relief Knowing Their Child's Medication is LEGALLY Administered
TAX DEDUCTIONS Through The Use of AIHD's Exclusive EIN Number  
A Good Night of Sleep As Their Child's Days are BUSY and FULL of FUN
Stress Free Mornings as AIHD is CONVENIENTLY LOCATED
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they need on a daily basis to ensure their optimum growth and development. A portion of my income will be reinvested into the material and equipment that is made available to your child and so my program will always be evolving and improving. We will spend our time developing our imagination and relationship-building skills while exploring our surroundings and preparing for our next steps through activities that will encourage learning our alphabet, numbers, colors, the days of the week and the months in the year.

Any parent who lives or works in or near the Fairfax City area can rest assured knowing that when they go to work each day their child will be in highly capable and loving hands. I am open to serve you from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and by appointment in the evening or on Saturday and Sunday. I can be reached through the main daycare number (571) 431-2430, my cell (571) 278-5827, and/or my email TheresaMaryStephens@gmail.com and I look forward to hearing from you.

3409 Park Hill Place Fairfax, VA 22030
571-431-2430 (Daycare)
571-278-5827 (cell)