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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about the daycare provider.  
Does she enjoy people and being around children?  Does a lot of activity and varying noise levels bother her?
My name is Theresa Stephens and I was born in the summer of 1967.  I'm one of five children and grew up in a home that was open and welcomed all of the neighborhood kids and so I'm use to being surrounded by children and in a hive of activity.  We lived near a park and a creek and ran in and out all day long.  We only had to be home for lunch, dinner and then finally when the street lights came on.  It was awesome.

I still live near a park and a creek but now I have children of my own.  My daughter is still in high school and lives at home full time but my son is off at college and engaged in an internship.  I'm old fashion and enjoy being outside.  I love reading, singing, making up songs and telling stories.  My days are electronic free - no computers or smart phones - but if I need to contact a parent I send the occasional text or an email during nap time.

Are you the only daycare provider or do you have an assistant?
I am the only daycare provider but my daughter usually spends time with us before and after school.

What is your daycare philosophy? 
I am a great believer in free play and casually introducing colors, numbers, shapes and the alphabet while we are all relaxed and having fun.  I encourage each child to learn and grow by allowing them to be themselves and do what comes naturally to them.  I do not put up barriers or insist on helping them unless there is a safety issue.  I'm on hand, enjoying and participating in the same activities and am ready to quickly lend a hand but fade back and let them continue on their path until something new and exciting grabs their attention and they run off in the other direction.

What advice would you give to new moms?
Babies need to hear normal house sounds.  Especially when you are putting them down to sleep.  We are not silent creatures and we do not live in silent worlds.  At night or during nap time play a recording of the dishes being done.  You can either record yourself doing them or down load it onto you phone.  It's comforting knowing you're not alone and eventually listening to the normal sounds of the house will put your little one to sleep and create wonderful memories.  

OMG my dad use to snore.  It would rock the house.  My parents also played bridge with the parents of our friends from across the street.  They use to put us to bed so there wouldn't be any distractions for them while they were playing and it would get sooo loud.  They would laugh and yell and bang on the table.  It was hard to fall asleep but eventually we did fall asleep and become accustomed to it.  Today I have all sorts of good memories because of it.